Mr. Methane


Sometimes I need to come up with a catchy blog post subject to find you readers* on the interwebs, yanking you forcibly from your cozy lairs on Reddit & 4chan, and into this gleaming tower of solid facts and seriously serious readings things. 

But on this particular occasion none of that is necessary. This is a topic that definitely needs some introduction, but has also been marinated in awesome sauce.

"Mr Methane" is the self-proclaimed world's only Performing Flatulist, or Petomane, he performs the Art of Controlled Anal Voicing. There's a lot more blah blah blah about it on his website.

He's got some YouTube vids and some other stuff that shows you what he does. Fart jokes and fart sounds never get olds, so here's to you Mr Methane.

But I can't let this just pass by unmentioned. Mr Methane's website design is absolute vomitous crap. 
Never ever use Mike Irving do make your website - I think I need to sue this guy to recover the costs of my scarred eyeball treatments.


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