10 Logical Fallacies to Avoid


Logical fallacies are ubiquitous these days and you don't want to add more to the heap. 
Sidestep these if you can. 

  1. Ad Homiminem: do not attack the person, attack the argument
  2. Straw Man: do not misrepresent (or exaggerate) someone's argument to make it easier to attack
  3. Hasty Generalization: do not try to extrapolate small sample sizes
  4. Begging the Question: do not argue your position by assuming one of its premises is true
  5. Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc: do not make the claim that because thing A preceded B, that A is the cause
  6. False Dichotomy: do not reduce the argument down to two possibilities
  7. Ad Ignorantum: do not say that your claim must be true/false due to ignorance of the matter
  8. Burden Of Proof Reversal: do not lay the burden of proof on the person opposing your argument
  9. Non Sequitur: do not assume this-follows-that when there's no logical connection
  10. Bandwagon: do not argue that a popular idea must be true, just because it's popular

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