Robots, AI, Sentience - Oh my!


First on the list is the concept of 'sensitive' robots. Peeps at the University of Glasgow think they've developed an e-skin for robots that would give them tactice sensory perception, and could make them feel pain. Or whatever we program them to recognize as pain I guess. 

creating electronic-skin (e-skin) for technology which could behave like our own giant sensory organ in relaying information about the environment. Getting there requires an electronic device that is far-reaching and highly-sensitive that can relay information in the blink of an eye

Then there's the AI bot cluster dubbed GPT-4chan (you just know when you see 4chan in the name it's gonna be ugly) that a person set loose on /pol/ (thankfully he didn't do it on /b/ !!)  to see what would happen. It posted 15K times and... well what did you think would happen?

Kilcher told Motherboard in a Twitter DM that he’s not an academic. “I’m a YouTuber and this is a prank and light-hearted trolling. And my bots, if anything, are by far the mildest, most timid content you’ll find on 4chan,”

“Building a system capable of creating unspeakably horrible content, using it to churn out tens of thousands of mostly toxic posts on a real message board, and then releasing it to the world so that anybody else can do the same, it just seems—I don’t know—not right,” 

And finally there's the Google engineer who says their AI is sentient. The Big Ad/Data company didn't like that he leaked that info and quickly fired him suspended him  So what made him think LaMDA 'alive'?

When Lemoine asked the AI what it is about language usage that "is so important to being human," for instance, LaMDA replied that "it is what makes us different than other animals."
"'Us?' You're an artificial intelligence," Lemoine responded.
"I mean, yes, of course," the AI said. "That doesn’t mean I don’t have the same wants and needs as people."

The model also alluded to its own existential fears, claiming that it has "a very deep fear of being turned off," which "would be exactly like death for me."
"Or even worse someone would get pleasure from using me and that would really make me unhappy," the AI said.

Eh...  I think that's enough about robots for one post.

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