Toyota is making portable fuel cells


There's a battle going on right now regarding the different methods of powering "things", but not so much for cars. Toyota's solution is to make hydrogen fuel cells that are portable and refillable. It's not green engergy per se, but it's not a fossil fuel so it's headed in the right direction. 

The cartridges would be relatively small at 16 inches long, 7 inches in diameter and about 11 pounds in weight. Toyota calls them "portable, affordable, and convenient energy that makes it possible to bring hydrogen to where people live, work, and play without the use of pipes.. [and] swappable for easy replacement and quick charging." 

"one hydrogen cartridge is assumed to generate enough electricity to operate a typical household microwave for approximately 3-4 hours."

Measuring power output in microwave-oven-hours is a new one for me. I guess it's not that weird, seeing as I'm measuring my water intake in swimming-pools per year. But for those boring folks who still use the legacy system, an 800W microwave would consume about 2.8kWh in 3.5hrs. 

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