Moving away from local dev environments

 Dev environments should be cattle, not pets . It looks likely that in future , most development will not be done on localhost, the most treasured family pet of.

Reasonably, you will always have some difference between "staging" and production environments, however the distance between them should be much smaller than between dev and push. For example , taking care of https is always a problem in localhost but is a requirement on prod.

Now in modern times we are also seeing everything we use move to the cloud from movies/ TV, from huge VHS and DVD libraries to a monthly membership in a streaming service. We are fine with the cloud taking the slower Outer Loop, but people are worried about network dormancy affecting the much quicker Inner Loop.

Our caution on knowing this movement with today's technology is that just for this to succeed, provisioning must feel so cheap as to be "throwaway"- even a latency of 10 seconds to spin up a preview environment is too long for me, though your mileage may vary.

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