AWS Console - what user am i logged in as?


Whoami on AWS

I had a question recently about how to know what user you are logged as on the AWS console. 

On the CLI there's a method to find that out using a specific query.

However, in the console it might be a titch confusing for those new to AWS who will typically be using the Console as their primary interface at first.

Info related to your current logged in session is located in the top right corner of the UI. You will see a "down arrow" that expands to show you more information.

Root User

When logged on as the root user you will see the organization name or account ID number if it hasn't been named yet. When you click on the down arrow you will see the normal links, but you will not see anything related to IAM.

IAM User

When logged on as an IAM user you will see your username in the top right corner. Click the arrow and you will see the account ID and your IAM user shown.

Federated User

If you log into the console as a federated user you will see your username in the top right in the format of IAM-role/SSO-login-user. Click the down arrow and you will see the name of the federated role-name with your SSO login name appended after the slash.
Federated access enables you to log into another service (in this example it's Google) and AWS trusts that authentication to allow access. Please see my post on setting up Google SSO in your AWS account for greater detail.

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