Hackers have a new tool to access to your Google account


Be on the lookout for the SHARPEXT browser extension that allows a bad actor to slurp up your Gmail. 

SHARPEXT malware infects devices through browser extensions on Google Chrome and Chromium-based platforms, including Korean browser Naver Whale and Microsoft Edge. Its primary targets are users in the USA, South Korea, and Europe, while its origin has been traced to a North Korean hacker group called Kimsuky or SharpTongue, which is associated with the North Korean intelligence agency Reconnaissance General Bureau.

As for SHARPEXT; the malware can directly inspect and exfiltrate data from Gmail accounts and impact version 3.0. This campaign has been active for more than a year, and during this time, it has stolen thousands of files and messages from Gmail and AOL email accounts.

The malware is currently targeting Windows devices, but Volexity claims it may work on Linux and macOS devices too.

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